Wednesday, February 10, 2010


In my childhood I loved to watch the magician's tricks.
You know, you sit there and the magician cuts a young lady
right in front of your eyes and then after a while the lady reappears
from the back of the auditorium. He takes someones watch and
with a hammer break the watch into pieces much to the owners
distress. The watch reappears from someplace else. Or right in front of our eyes he burns a bank note and amazingly that reappears from some ones inside pocket. We used to sit there and found great pleasure and excitement being constantly " Fooled".Yes Fooled!!! I think we like to be fooled, proved to be stupid or dumbo.
As we grew up we gradually understood the tricks of those magicians but newer Magics started to bewilder us. Like in child hood , when we asked ourselves " How did he do it"? we see newer magics in our life we keep wondering, How does he do it? In our college days when one chemical converted another ingredient white or blue we were amazed. When the pickpocket gave us a feather touch of our moneybag we were amazed and felt so stupid. When my girl friend promised to love me throughout her life and then hopped on to some one's bed next night we were amazed and stupefied.
But there is another form of magic which is being performed everywhere
in the earth and the universe. We witness this performance every minute , every day.Some great invisible magician is performing his act through the nature , the weather, the sunrise the colour of the sunset, the rain the magnificent, the dangerous, the devastating , the breathtaking beauty in the animal and plant world by some magical spell. Can one explain the events in the phenomenal and noumenal world and predict the relationship between the cause and effect. Al the branches of knowledge , all the shastras, all spiritualist tried to find the how and why s. But still the uncertainty remains just like the magic show of the magician of my childhood.
The greatest magic show of this magician is " Your ignorance about yourself" and " He loves us to keep wondering . WHAT A SHOW !!!!