Tuesday, February 21, 2012


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An exuberant sunset
You looked at,
you had tears in your eyes
smile on your lips
" Beautiful"
You whispered

The serpentine lake
rows and rows of white cranes
to an unknown home ,
You clapped like a child
and said . " Beautiful"

Almost empty Hampstead heath
You get close
closer still
underneath the
sighing willow tree,
you whisper again and again
" Beautiful "

Two cups of coffee
on a rain drenched Kardomah
Coffee shop in Holborn,
Watching theatre passioned crowd
Umbrellas and Raincoats hiding
stolen kisses.
You looked at my eyes and
said, so beautiful

Cold winter morning
Getting lost and found in
the crowd of Petticoat lane,
sparkling laughter saying
" Its so beautiful"

fast lane ..seventy...eighty
Clusters of hair unrestrained
in the air,
Warm bed sitting room,
one single bed for two
Nomadic thirsty lovers
the sighs
the moans
the groans
Beautiful exhaustion.
" Its beautiful to be alive "

Many dead men carry
a fresh dewdrop inside a glass case
To the Goldergreen cemetery.
Thousands and thousand green leaves
Generous Turquoise sky
and swarms of thousand birds
sing in the fifth symphony tune,

You are beautiful
you are beautiful in your smile
You are beautiful in your cry
You are beautiful in your life
you are beautiful in your lifelessness,
You are beautiful in your passion
you are beautiful in your silence
In The light You are beautiful
In the darkness you are beautiful,
In the fullness you are beautiful
You are beautiful in Emptiness too ...

@ Amiyo

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

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I am hurt again,
This time it is a mortal wound.

The green liquid oozing out
of the gash has lost all directions.

Life shortened.
Poetries mute,
canvas shrieks,
dervish dances anticlockwise,
A longing stretches hand
compassionate soporific.
The ancient stone god HURT