Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gaya revisited I left for gaya again.Thistime it was not for emancipation  in life but something more mysterious than this life.
I am particularly interested in the Life after ....and Gaya ,not buddha gaya,the prehistoric Gaya .
After we reached the station we we were almost carried away by a storm of delirious emotion  to a spot in Gaya ,covered with dark trees  over some kind of  Hill .

A strange looking face of a man ,pretended  to be waiting an said " Aha come atlast...I was waiting for you for days , months even years. Come this way. Please sit down for a while " He pointed to a bench in a kind of roadside tea stall . We sat down. Binita's teeth were chattering in some kind oof apprehension.
She  was definitely frightened by now because of this strange man's look. The eyes were deep red and and sunken. He was tall and slightly stooping.His hands were filthy.
After the Tea he asked us to follow him. We strted to climb the  hill through dark trees and aa massive Dusk. While walking he told us the 
reasons people visit this " NO MAN"S LAND .
 People go there to perform the last rites. But it is of different kind that are performed in benares, Gangotri , Puskar etc.
It is performed as the Hindus believe to  " Free " the spirits of Dead relatives.

But here  people come to perform the last rites all people who weredead for unknown reason , unknown places, accidental death, whose relatives never got the trace of the  Bodies.They just vanished  and their spirits are forever thirsty for a drop of water.Those longing spirits come to this place for salvation from an uncanny  bondage.
 There is some kind of ghastly atmosphere , Birds dont call , animals dont howl , Trees are still,.
Finally we reached the top of the hill ,we could see a temple , inside there was  some God's image it could be a Devil too. Our guide stared at us for a long time  and said just " Who " ?
I understood the question .My friend was shaking in fear and clutched my hand and said" amiyo da lets g back. I am nnot feeling well at all"
We started to run,through the trees and shrubs.
We heard roars of laughter behind. Continuous echoeing laughter and strange sounds through the trees sounded like the Whines.
Were they the whines of Thirsty spirits who still long for someone to go there and liberate. ?

Couldnt Buddha liberate them who resides just the next door ??