Monday, July 30, 2012


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That young beggar on Bagbazar Platform
That mad woman 
with rags on her body
with massses of unkempt hair.
who laughs
who cries 
who screams at people going nowhere,
who lives on charities
on abuses and stones thrown 
at her by children, 
is going to be a " Mother".
The lame father smiles.

On one rainy evening
fellow nomadic beggar women
sat around her with comforting hands.
Rain falling
Thunders clapping
winds howling 
and she screams with an unknown pain,
Her screams pierced the universe.
Then all of a sudden
All became still

A wailing came ...
The universe laughed ,
The assembly laughed
The baby arrived, half realizing
the mother held the baby close
Milk  oozed into the fumbling mouth,
tears rolled down mothers cheek,
the world stared at the divine mother,
The proud lame father
threw the crutch over and danced

Friday, July 27, 2012

None whatsoever

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The Obligation

The half naked woman reads
"Fifty shades of grey"
on a rocking chair,
Rats scamper hesitantly

And somewhere else
senile old man
gets smothered
by a speeding 30 c,
street lamps on VI P rejoice,
You and I exist
in our artificial  copulation
remembering Buladi
and the soft rubber 
underneath our pillow.

Bloody ganga flows
kasmir and Nepal burns

let babies and the mothers 
get slaughtered in gujrat or malabar,
Who cares

yet half naked woman
rehearses for american Idol
with pierced throat,
Let this world go to hell
Let all the DEAD march to Maidan,
 Let the Helpless mobile
shriek in anguish for love

You and I this morning
are not the same as we were 
last night,
somewhere in between
billions of waves got extinct.

Let us close our doors
We have no obligation

@ amiyo

Sunday, July 22, 2012

End of Morning raga

Non essential love survives 
in friction,
" Lakhsman Rekha"
multiplies Loneliness
day by day
day by dday.

That word is not said
the day comes to an end,
Heart bleeds with  Bhupali raga,
At the sunset
emptiness spreads to the horizon.

That word is not heard,
Night ends hand in hand 
with Bhairabi raga,
Tearful humming goes to sleep.
agonising " WAIT "
lives with hope
with the fragrant morning air.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Fairy tell

Amiya Chatterjee
10:41 AM (1 hour ago)
to nivedita
There was a princess. She was beautiful.
One morning when she woke up she still half asleep felt a
fragrance. It was beautiful . She smiled . She looked for the source 
of the fragrance and finally found it 
It was a piece of Sandal wood. She loved it . She held it to her chest , she held it in her arms , she put it under the pillow, over the pillow, on her work table
, she danced with it , she sang for it.The fragrance of the sandalwood followed her every where  as if it said " I love you little girl "
Every night the princess went to bed  with the sandalwood next to her pillow. She fell in sleep with the fragrance . Every morning she woke up with the fragrance hanging round her.
One day she thought , she should have a box to keep the sandalwood in.
She started praying hard, very hard. A few days passed. Then one fine morning when she woke up she found a Beautiful ornamented box next to her pillow. She was overjoyed. She could now Captivate the  fragrance of sandalwood forever.
So she brought the piece of sandalwood and tried to keep it inside the box.
But sadly the piece wouldnt fit into the box. whatever way she tried , the piece wouldnt go completely, and always an edge stuck out.
Then the princes brought a sharp knife and cut the edge of the sandalwood which stuck out.She was desperate. She kept on cutting edges which appeared to refuse to fit in the box,The princess cried and cried.She fell asleep. In her sleep she dreamt. The sandalwood  appeared and said" you cut me so much that I am bleeding . I cannot stay with you any more. I am going back to my home in the forest. You cut many chips from my body. Keep them into that box.In the evening when you sit in your prayer room burn one chip as your incense. I shall then be with you, hugging you. Good bye my princess"
The princes woke up only to find the box next to her pillow. It was full of Sandalwood chips which she cut for many many days .

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Broken Mirror

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( on a ride  in Metro, bits of  words , phrases 
and lots of unspoken emotions)

       Broken Mirror

* Next station  Shovabazar,platform------
* ... I told him 
What ...??
* I said ,with him--------
* yes at ten
* Mr despandey said.....* 
* Ok  we shall see--------
* I want you.... I want you*
* at night the bed------
* he s rather extreme----yet*
* I really-----
* No I dont have any class,yes we can....
* Drama ?? Rudra ???.......
* Doors are closing
* Deshpandey was talking about some expenses
* Pleasssse, be patient, Dont you know my state??
* Yes , Bornali will come too
* Dont like coffee House these days------*
*Yes ...difference in age....
* Yes he extracts that well, very well...hahaha
* Next station Shyambazar.......on the right side
* I want you ....I want .....
* Dekhey bina  nahi chayan......suratiya......
* Want you ....want you