Friday, July 27, 2012

The Obligation

The half naked woman reads
"Fifty shades of grey"
on a rocking chair,
Rats scamper hesitantly

And somewhere else
senile old man
gets smothered
by a speeding 30 c,
street lamps on VI P rejoice,
You and I exist
in our artificial  copulation
remembering Buladi
and the soft rubber 
underneath our pillow.

Bloody ganga flows
kasmir and Nepal burns

let babies and the mothers 
get slaughtered in gujrat or malabar,
Who cares

yet half naked woman
rehearses for american Idol
with pierced throat,
Let this world go to hell
Let all the DEAD march to Maidan,
 Let the Helpless mobile
shriek in anguish for love

You and I this morning
are not the same as we were 
last night,
somewhere in between
billions of waves got extinct.

Let us close our doors
We have no obligation

@ amiyo

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