Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Her name was Man-o-ara,
She used to come to my house almost every morning
when i was painting or reading.
she used to sit watching me mixing colours or
selecting brushes or washing the brushes in
the liquid. i could see her head moving with every movement i made while painting . when i stopped
and looked at my painting from distance
she followed me and followed my deep contemplation
When she sat down again , she sat exactly the way she was sitting before.....her small chin resting on her palm and the small body resting on another hand.its always the same style used to remind me of JaminiRoy's painting. Her eyes were always slightly watery but wide, the eyebrows like the bow. She used to cover her face partly with the veil,mostly dark coloured. Sometimes i used to say ' why do you cover your face like that?. She never answered but simply smiled and she knew her smile used to say more than few words.Some day I Insisted her to sit for me for painting and with much reluctance she did sit and i painted a portrait of her.When I finished that painting
she looked at it for a long time with wondering large eyes,then looked at me and then suddenly she hugged me and rested her small head on my chest and whispered "Thank you,I shall keep it with me all my life. can I take it home and show it to my mum ?" Its a kind of request artists always face and they are always in a dilemma. But for man-o-ara it was different.When I said she could she danced and danced around holding the painting in front of her as if she was holding a mirror. Then in a few minutes she left ,through the backdoor of my house ,started to run towards her home across the garden .When she reached her door ,she turned around and looked and waved and smiled ,her veil surprisingly vanished , her lyrical body stood still for a few minute ,stared at me and then the door closed.
For next few weeks i didn't see her and I got worried. I asked everyone and at last my caretaker said " babuji,
Man-o-ara will not come any more. She is getting married.Man-o-ara got married indeed with a businessman and left .

Monday, July 26, 2010


When we embraced
day after day
night after night
we thought
our love will last .
We thought
our kisses would
sanctify our soul.

Then life was responsibility
Life was duty
life was apathetic bed sheet...

The embrace appeared shameful
kisses appeared venomous,
Love staggered away.