Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A visit to a cinema

Few hours ago I saw a film called " Dhobi ghat"
A friend of mine appeared to be much impressed and thought
i must go and see the film.

The counters in the cinema hall looked almost deserted .
My instant reaction was " Oh god , another failed movie in our beloved city"

But If the display of panoramic inexplicity of modern man's mind
if the absence of trash like story line, If the background ghazals and some
classical ragas on Sarod playing , the spectacular and vibrant colours
on the screen tell you anything about a film , they just say that very reverentially and reverberantly
If a director understands the necessity of absolute silence in a film and
makes such a point clear then a film may not draw audience in the cinema counter as much as expected .
Love in this film has a meaning not commonly understood and the director made that point very clear by dialogues completely unknown to the ordinary cinema goer in
India .The most outstanding claim that the film can make is
that it is a success for not meeting the naive expectation of the audience.
In our ordinary Day to day life we are taught to expect knowing fully well that it is absurd to expect ANYTHING . The characters in the film time and time again made this point clear.
I loved this film as it speaks to my heart in an inexplicable language the true nature in a city, any city all over the world.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The rain

Incessant rain
this morning,
a morning you feel dismal,
a morning to bring
the memory of old faces,

a morning of some warm passion,
a morning of "Mia ki mallhar",
a little hope
and some trembling pain,
this is the morning
when one holds your face
in his palm and
puts his lips on yours
and say " I love you".

And You?
Rain outside
you sit by the window
gave leave to your mind,
The mind travels far and wide.

You made me lonely
in this dark cloudy morning,
incessant rain outside,
But dont you know my darling,
In such mornings,silent desires
flicker like the fire flies ?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

all clear

When would the " All clear "come ?
Didnt somebody promise us an all clear
if we were good,and clean,and nice and were willing
to die for things,and believe in things,and agreed to do everything
right ? Where is OUR ALL CLEAR ?

How long? How tediously long would we have to be "Good"
Stick to despicable life where even suicide is an utopia.
Where freedom of individual choice has to be dumped
for getting an ALL CLEAR signal.
How long do we have to maintain the pseudo moral life
come whatever may.
I waited all this life pretending to be good assuming
someone would come and blow the signal of ALL CLEAR
as a justifiable reward.Ha Ha Ha