Saturday, August 25, 2012

She and the poetry

She came
She had silence, 
She had emptines
she had stillness
in her heart.

She laid her eyes on mine,
she left  me with a smile
Sun was setting then.

Mind came
so the universe came.
Mind was still
The universe  still.
One day Mind  becomes empty
World becomes empty,

 A rhythm stays.
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Friday, August 3, 2012


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woman of unknown age
all day, everyday,
Thin body, sunken eyes 
unkempt hair.
Masses of medicine
Tablets of varying sizes
Liquids of varying colours,
Oily pillow , unclean bedsheets,
Half glass water with a cover
 of an old postcard
from longdistant troubled daughter,
an old calendar on the wall
 with  a picture of a complacent  Goddess.

Bibhaboti turns her head
to the other roof
,an Other woman drenched all over
after a filmy  singing bath,
spreading wet clothes to the sun
her body too with articulating breasts,
dripping hair dancing with rhythmic body.

Bibhaboti sighs
thirsty eyes,the skiny hands 
explore some long forgotten nights
in her lost body ,ashen lips.
Bibhaboti returns to the 
oily pillow, soiled linen.

Like everyday Dipankar enters
the room
Like every day feels the fever,
then a hoarse voice
Nah : no fever today
like everyday much repeated exchanges
Like everyday half an apple
and expensive hunred grams of grapes
Like everyday a light meal
Then a stiffled yawn,
One day ends
another hopeless day 
in the dark corridor waiting.

Another day
somewhere else
incessant rain,
folks took shelter in the 
narrow space of a balcony.......
Orchestra of words and silences,
Two eyes of one met two eyes of another,
like two planets  in their Orbits,
A distant closeness
University corridors
soem unforgettable touches,
Eyes down  with tangent smile,
Looked up again.
Those eyes...Those eyes
" You are Dipankar !!!
isnt that so ?
Yeessss, and you....You .. You are Tanima
Yes ???"
Hearts raced
faces blushed, clouds flashed,
Unspoken complaint,
WHY   ? WHY?????
Whatever happpened , why did it happen 
Whatever didnt happen, Why did it not ?
WHY ????
God is so merciful.

@ amiyo