Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Letter to an Author

Mr John Green
Author of a " Best seller"
'the fault in our stars'

dear sir,
i have finished reading your 'best seller ' and i feel absolutely disgusted. i really wonder how a pathetic book like this can be considered a ' best seller'.
we ordinary mortals have ' fear'. we live with fear.fear of rising, fear of falling,fear of hating , fear of being hated. in fact ' the side effect' of living is fear.a child fears the darkness, a grown up fears loss.a nation fears defeat and disaster. BUT WE ALL FEAR DEATH. there are innumerable stories , poems ,dramas, movies etc on the theme of ' death'.
We mortals suffer from ' fear psychosis' and in our society some 'creative' people  THRIVE on this human misery.death is inevitable. it is absurd but it is the ultimate truth.
but when novelist writes novels with only one motive ,which is to make huge quick money over this phenomenon called fear psychosis, i consider it as abominable.many people after reading your novel would let go a sigh of relief ' ahh, i am alright jack'. but have you ever thought about the excruciating pain the families and friends undergo after their dear ones leave them dying of any form of 'terminal illness'. tell me mr. green is there any illness in this beautiful world which is 'not' terminal?
creating fear psychosis has many advantages. your kind of writers make the whole medical world richer and wealthier in addition of you becoming a prize winning author in rather obscene way.

@ amiya

Friday, March 7, 2014



7 March 2014 at 15:14
Shelf full of second hand knowledge,
in my cellular brain fast asleep.
The wall screams 
with selfproclaiming paintings
crucifymy elegant consciousness.
Dervish dance of the dizzy garden
intoxicates my life force,
why should I stop ?

The hesitant sunset closeness
with rhythmic breath,
destroys too.
The passion  makes 
your maverick thighs ecstatic,
eyes fearful.

Why not now burn the whole of me,
why not store the ashes from 
ghats of Banares
to take away
for another Sehnai celebration ?


* ashes > sindoor ( the vermilion powder used by brides)
* Banares > the hindu cremation site
* Sehnai > a wind musical instrument played during wedding.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Melancholic Ship

Melancholic Ship

Where we sat that day
there was this river 
touching our feet,
there was that boat dancing
and a little further away
a melancholic ship.

When you were weaving 
everlasting joys  on my lips,
The large ship there wailed
sounding her horn.

From that day on
bit by bit slowly
that melancholic ship 
pierced our everlasting pleasures
sounding that horn

@ translated
from purnendu potree.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Has my heart gone to sleep

Has My Heart Gone To Sleep?

Has my heart gone to sleep?
Have the beehives of my dreams
stopped working, the waterwheel
of the mind run dry,
scoops turning empty,
only shadow inside?

No, my heart is not asleep.
It is awake, wide awake.
Not asleep, not dreaming—
its eyes are opened wide
watching distant signals, listening
on the rim of vast silence.