Thursday, February 10, 2011

Death has no song

I removed the piece of cloth
on Tista's breast,
and there those two red lotuses
still,like the depth of time.

Time is as if some other lost river,
like that lost river
we are getting lost
one by one,
Our faces melting in the stream.

One such evening
one such face came out
from the depth and gazed
at me.

Today the river lost her name
time has lost its end
death has lost its song,
and the sunrise has lost its freedom.

Still there is love
Still you are
Still I am
we live in our maverick verses.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Foetus

In this ancient foggy silence
I have to return
to a primitive ignorance.
I came to know so much,
so precious so far
so famous
so much applauded
so much encored.

You talked to me for the whole day
with a night long whirling body,
You made me "Grown up",
Yet I didnt know you,
The darkness
engulfed my enlightened face.

So pleasant this darkness is ,
so much intellectual ignorance
with so much echoed silence
I am a sleeping Foetus now.