Friday, March 22, 2013

Middle pages

There in the breast of Godavaari
two invincible pages float
,scratches bleed
deep wounds weep
That girl said
" I shall never leave" but she left,
Lily das exhausted me ,
and after we dozed off
she whispered 
" lets run away" She did 
But I couldnt
Elizabeth on a narrow single bed 
pretended to sleep with her orgasm,
,I cremated her in the 
goldersgreen cemetary,
Thousand birds sang the fifth symphony.
Snigdha  counted the money 
after each configuration 
which her Husband couldnt give.
That little spiritually masochist girl from Delhi
Inbetween her Insomniac groans repeated
swore, " Show me the way"
 finally she lost her way or got buried in her 
thousnd words.

These and many other  adventurous sighs
floated  with  Godavari waves.
She brings out those middle pages
only to have some whiff of Fragrance .
Her eyes wet, her scabbard lips smile.

@ amiya