Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swarg Dwar

Swarga dwar

swarga dwar or gate to heaven.
Its the cremation place in Puri

Puri is a town on the sea beach, famous place
for the jagannath temple, and the sea.
Thousands of people visit this town mainly
from Bengal some religious minded 
some visit to die and be cremated in Swarga dwar , some just sit in one of those sea side 
hotel balconies to count waves, again some go there just to secretly fuck and smoke chhilum.

I am always drawn to the cremation place for 
reasons which are mostly pseudo philoosophical.
" life ends here...or life begins here "
Not too far is the sea.Waves roaring with this message.Between Swarga dwar and the Bay of bengal , inumerable " Lives scampering, talking , shouting , buying there little precious have ever seen  objects from the little shops.

But swarga dwar  itself is one of the dirtiest place I have everseen.
People leave there dear ones turned into ashes
return home to eat play and love. Here Dogs , rats, the beggars,and (The chandals, who help the body to burn fully or half burnt) Dogs do the rest of the last rites.Torn dirty clothes, broken  earthen pots howl throughout the nights and the sea drown their howling songs.
Only I stand there and stare to look for the answer of the question I never ask.