Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Foetus

In this ancient foggy silence
I have to return
to a primitive ignorance.
I came to know so much,
so precious so far
so famous
so much applauded
so much encored.

You talked to me for the whole day
with a night long whirling body,
You made me "Grown up",
Yet I didnt know you,
The darkness
engulfed my enlightened face.

So pleasant this darkness is ,
so much intellectual ignorance
with so much echoed silence
I am a sleeping Foetus now.


  1. Honestly? Too much artifice in this...your brushstrokes hide more than they reveal - I would like to know more, but I find less in what you want me to know.

  2. Stay as you are in my heart hidden from all KNOWLEDGES
    For it does not help either of us !