Saturday, January 1, 2011

all clear

When would the " All clear "come ?
Didnt somebody promise us an all clear
if we were good,and clean,and nice and were willing
to die for things,and believe in things,and agreed to do everything
right ? Where is OUR ALL CLEAR ?

How long? How tediously long would we have to be "Good"
Stick to despicable life where even suicide is an utopia.
Where freedom of individual choice has to be dumped
for getting an ALL CLEAR signal.
How long do we have to maintain the pseudo moral life
come whatever may.
I waited all this life pretending to be good assuming
someone would come and blow the signal of ALL CLEAR
as a justifiable reward.Ha Ha Ha


  1. when i want to see with clarity, i close my eyes..that's when the fog settles with the dusk...

    what a way to welcome the year amiya ji :)

  2. What a way to bring the concept of "Mind" home little girl.The time is still...yet moving.