Monday, July 30, 2012


That young beggar on Bagbazar Platform
That mad woman 
with rags on her body
with massses of unkempt hair.
who laughs
who cries 
who screams at people going nowhere,
who lives on charities
on abuses and stones thrown 
at her by children, 
is going to be a " Mother".
The lame father smiles.

On one rainy evening
fellow nomadic beggar women
sat around her with comforting hands.
Rain falling
Thunders clapping
winds howling 
and she screams with an unknown pain,
Her screams pierced the universe.
Then all of a sudden
All became still

A wailing came ...
The universe laughed ,
The assembly laughed
The baby arrived, half realizing
the mother held the baby close
Milk  oozed into the fumbling mouth,
tears rolled down mothers cheek,
the world stared at the divine mother,
The proud lame father
threw the crutch over and danced

1 comment:

  1. I thank you heartily Nivedita.
    In many cases a poet gives so much in the form of Compassion , Love etc of his own self . Mother is one such poem.You sat beside me and felt my emotion like a true friend feeling every bit of my self