Wednesday, February 17, 2010


In our lives we tend to hurt others .
We hurt knowingly or unknowingly.
Some of us go to the extent of taking other's lives.
This may happen for self preservation, or to justify our ideals
or some times we kill just to protect our face in our society.
We sometimes hurt the ones we love most,and in most of those cases
we hurt ourselves more than we hurt others.
We hurt more mentally than physically.
As our society is getting more and more complicated
pressures of our society over our personal lives increase.
sometimes we do things in the spur of the moment, being overemotional,
or we do such things just to satisfy our physical needs the consequence of which
go against our whole existence.
In all these cases we are consciously or unconsciously guilty to our own psyche.
We suffer. We suffer for our deeds.
And I believe this is where we need to confess. We need to confess to ourselves.
In silence we always can pray to our inner self .
That I am sure shall wash away our sense of guilt .
In every culture throughout the world the system of confession is recommended
for psycho therapeutic needs.

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  1. i feel guilty reading this..because it answered a lot of questions i have been trying to block..but then again...i can never be happier than after reading this too..go figure!