Tuesday, February 9, 2010


People often ask me why do I write poems of Death!
They assume I must have a deep rooted fear inside my psyche.
I cannot say I am not afraid of Death. I think every one is .

I a mature individual there is always an element of that inevitability. But there are so many things in life which are inevitable . Are we afraid of them as much as we are afraid of death ? no , I suppose not. Here comes the question of Predictability. Death is predictable. Its only a matter of time. You fall in Love. Your beloved says " shall never leave you,never never" And you believe the permanence of your love. And then one fine morning ..You see love is gone. Was it predictable ? Apparently no , but that happens. and then next time You have Fear. You take your important exam . You have a Fear. Fear of failing or not doing as well as you expected, A child fears missing her mother.Worker fears losing jobs, wife fears losing her husband. Fear is every where. wherever there is expectation there is fear.
I expected and I had a fear
Its an old age SERMON : Do not expect. But all sermons are remotely related to reality.
I believe Death is predetermined. Death is predictable, Death is irreversible and irreducible.
Death has no alternative. The medicine men play some beautiful expensive game with life. Life is impermanent.
So I write poems with this in my mind .
Right at this moment I am alive. My beloved in the past extended my will to live. That surprisingly was my FREE WILL a predetermined free will. This inspires me to write poems on
impermanence of life. Simple is int it ?

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