Thursday, February 4, 2010

To continue with the concept of order and chaos it may be assumed that chaos is inherent in nature
whether in our very intimate personal life, in the affairs of heart or in the universe in all phenomena. There is a tendency to order into disorder, system into unsystematic, the coherence into incoherence and so on. In the nature outside and inside our physical system do we live with this chaos? The origin of all creation : did it begin from calm , order , peace to disorder , chaos .? Does life begin because there is this tendency of disorder, or imbalance, disharmony. Possibly so.In the beginning there was calm, there was darkness.Everything was solemn. There was silence.We
assume of SHIVA : The majestic nothingness. The INVISIBILITY. The silence. Then ...... possibly a faint trace of something out of this nothingness. That probably was the first sign of disorder.It was still in the noumenic stage but albeit the first creation. Then came one after the other symbols of existence, disorder etc Disorder not in the sense of mathematical disorder but existential. That can be the perception in my view of Entropy. So my beloved who ,one fine morning dumped me or abandoned me after having so much peaceful association with me for a considerable time has just repeated what there was inherent in nature and done time after time all over the nature. I am thankful to her indeed.

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