Thursday, February 4, 2010

Entropy and negentropy

One interesting word often used by almost all branches of knowledge ,is Entropy.This word is used by physicists , Biologists, anthropologists,physiologists psychologists and so on and so on.
It simply means nature tends to put ordered things into chaos. Order is not desirable by the nature and so a disorder is created in all spheres of life .
In human nature entropy is so common that people give it no importance.They just take it for granted. Some one loves me. All day all night i hear " I love you, I cannot live without you,You are mine and mine only" You are overwhelmed by such statements everyday. Your life goes so peacefully .
One fine morning some day you discover that every thing you believed so far were wrong. She doesn't call you, shedoesnt respond to your sms, she dumps you. People call this betrayal, breakup and etc etc. But this is the typical example of Entropy i.e from order to chaos.
This happens every where in nature .
to continue.....

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