Thursday, February 4, 2010


So far I have been talking to myself about Entropy and order/disorder..
Now it has been disheartening to assume that in creation throughout the nature disorder or chaos is part of the game. But scholars of all branches of knowledge discovered that the story of negentropy Or NEGETIVE ENTROPY is equally valid. Negentropy simply means the tendency of chaos is always to become ordered. Very simplistically imagine you throw a stone in a clear calm pond . There will be a chaos . Spiralling waves getting bigger and bigger and spread towards the shore. Imagine there is no shore for the water rings to hit. The spirals shall go on and on until a time will come when there will be the calm back again on the pond. This is a very simple example of negentropy. In the whole universe every where this tendency to return to the NORMAL state is as much necessary as the necessity of entropy for the creation.
Shiva in the beginning was calm. Then she danced .It is called Pralay. Then time comes Shiva calms down like the pond water like my beloved's mind. She calls me back. But that for me was too late because I started to dance a different Entropic/negentropic dance.
In the information science there is a futile attempt to mitigate chaos in the society by more information to the consumer which creates more indecisive ness , more perplexities, mor confusion in the society the out come of which leads to anomic condition. But that is another story.

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