Friday, February 12, 2010


I often think I am probably MAD ! EM ......A.....D
I am mad because i don't behave the other people behave.
I am not normal. I do things which at my age people don't do.
The other day a young lady put it very bluntly : at your age you should read newspaper, watch the news and serials, you should wear Lungi at home and out side a pyjama and half kurta, you should trot not gallop,
You should eat easily digestible green banana and soft small fish, go to bed early and in the morning wait for your cuppa, and devote your time mostly reading religious books and chant " Harinam"!
UNFORTUNATELY none of those appeal to me , so I am mad.
Surprisingly our society gives a kind of definition of normalcy. Certain behaviours are considered to be normal others are not. You push your conception about FREEDOM too far , and you end up being labelled as abnormal or mad. Once the label is given to you it goes on working indefinitely.
You can restrain yourself with your idea of freedom.Or you can push your sense of freedom with restrain. You are truly free when you respect another individuals freedom.
If I fall in love with someone and it is reciprocated it is an expression of freedom and howsoever abnormal it looks ( ??? ) to some individual in our society I think it is a kind of behaviour which must not be derogated.
In the field of creativity extreme passions are a prerequisite and this extreme passions among the poets, artists,singers , composers and so on bring excellence in their respective fields. Extreme passion brings altered consciousness which is considered to be sometimes a form of Lunacy.In normal day to day life they are misfits and cannot be accepted . So ultimately these great lunatics get so disillusioned with
many relationships they have that they either end their lives tragically or end up in the asylum.
I am mad, I am lunatic, I am abnormal but I love this universe madly
and you are in the centre of this universe.


  1. so truly amazing!!
    truth reflected with utmost simplicity!
    loved your passion in this write!

  2. Thank you little girl. Atleast one person agree with me.

  3. and this is the reason why i never get hurt when someone calls me "mad" and "lunatic" !! :D