Thursday, February 18, 2010

Banalata Sen

For a thousand years have I paced to and fro
over the earth,
from the seas of sri lanka
to the dark night of Malay seas,
Long have I wandered
in the twilight world of Bimbisa king *
Have I been ,in a land of more distant darkness;
I am a tired soul alone
while around me foams and froths
the ocean of life,
Didn't then Banalata Sen of Natore *
offered me two drops of serenity ?

Her hair the slumberous night in the
ancient darkness of Bidsha *
Her face the carving sculpture of Sravasti *
beyond the endless sea,
The captain of the wrecked and battered ship who
before he loses all,
sees the emerald grass blowing on the far
distant sanctuary
sees with the same vision that I saw
when I beheld her in darkness.
And she said,
Where have you been so long ?


  1. Awesome write has that old age ephemeral charm :)

  2. Wow!you have translated this...

    "...when I beheld her in darkness.
    And she said,
    Where have you been so long ?".....those lines retain that 'Jibananda' feel effectively.

  3. "I am a tired soul alone/while around me foams and froths/the ocean of life"...amazing..the spirituality has been wonderfully captivated!!!!awesome transcreation!!!!

  4. I thank you Uttiya ,
    I thank you Madhumita
    Both of you are my first time honoured guest and I bow to you for your affectionate comment