Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inheritor Part 2

Among my 4 grand sons the third one is the most handsome
lovable, playful , inattentive.
His name is " Bhomku"
Bhomku is 8 and I think he is the most enigmatic of all the four.
He hates to eat by himself . That is a bit hard and unnecessary performance for him. At an age of nine he stll prefers someone just help him to eat. Of course I must add, it depends upon the quality of food.
If it is one of those junk food he grabs them and assaults the food in
beastly manner and consumes them before you say Jiffy.
But usual bengali khana of rice , dal or meat or chicken cooked at home is simply too unsophisticated for him .
Teachers at school often complain that he is inattentive , often doesnt know where he is, Questions from teachers are regularly answered
with wild guess as he never pays attention to the " Good for nothing Teachers".Bhomku amazes you. When it comes to school exams bhomku laughs the last. He comes home with a record card non chalantly, throws over your face silently saying " See, this is what I am" Proving every one in the family wrong. He is adorable lazy good for nothing lad. His father takes him to some kind of drama lesson and very naturally BHOMKU DOESNT REMEMBER WHAT exactly went on in the drama class.My room is of immense interest to him .He often trespass here and examines each article here with hundred question which he expects me to answer.

My last grandson is soft chubby, rabbit toothed, cuddly fun loving , sleep loving 6 year old MANTA or Mantaputu.
This one is just adorable to every one except to some extent to his mother. Before birth he was expected to be a Daughter but with our delight he appeared with his little willy which disappointed his mother
but enormously delighted us. Manta Eats alone and is independent in many respect . He doesnt care for others to feed him. He adores his father and his Pishi ( my daughter) Father to manta is close to his god.
In school he is almost a teachers pet and teachers from other classes just drop in to his class just to have a look and offer him a kiss being wildly attracted by his masculine magnetic personality . He hates outdoor games . He is happy with the regular mock fight in a celebrated manner.
He loves to paint and has done some really great surrealistic work in his sketch pad. He is a marvellous singer.

Now these for Grand sons assemble in my room otherwise peaceful. They evict me and yells at the top of their voices some fantastic stories in some fantastic language which an english language teacher have enormous difficulties to comprehend .
But I still believe there should have been a little lady to control these rowdies in the family.


  1. I kind of like this third grandson...amazing ..I love such guys.

  2. Philo, This is not fair for the others ! You fall for one rejecting the other three ??? Typical woman !!!

  3. It must be so much fun with all four of them together ;-)

  4. Hmmm. Come and tidy up my room after they plundered Nibedita