Monday, May 23, 2011


When you didnt come
on my way ,
everything was as
everything was,
The horizon was
as it was,
the way was like the way,
the wine glass
was like the wine glass.

you came....
The way, the wine glass
the grey sky, the horizon
All began to melt,
red , intimate
like vermilion heart.

@ amiyo


  1. :) could it be that things do not change rather the way we see them does, before and after a fleeting love? :)...i've said this..lovely..

  2. This is beautiful Amiya! Thanks for your lovely comment on my poem (Write To Me A Poem) on Ah Poetry. :)

    You can also read me at: Indulgence

  3. Oh How wonderful Tulika! This a pleasant surprise.Straight to my cave .You are most welcome .Drop in any time and let me know your blog id too. and join me in Fb if you can

  4. from birth till death everything changes, except the change which is constant..........

  5. @ Swapna Hmmmm So Impermanence is prmanent too

  6. Lovely, so descriptive, yet so subtle !!! :)