Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Inheritors !

By The Inheritors I mean some people who acquire the characteristics
of the predecessors . In this case It would be my four grand sons, and today I am going to write few words about them.

I have altogether four grandsons . Yes Four grand sons and pity no Grand daughter !! Pity because I love girls !!

Lets see:
The Top most one, the one that was much too expected as the first grand son in
the chatterjee family. So when he appeared he made it obvious to all concerned that " He is going to rule" and thats what does. He got and still gets the MAXIMUM attention .His paramount demand from his life was met without question and that thoroughly spoilt him. Now he is 17, a computer wizard, relishes all the attention for this marvellous achievement. He is , as almost all the boys of his age are , a gullible candidate of consumerism specially the Gadgets .Oh by the way his name is MOJA ( that name was given by me by the way.Moja stands for Fun in bengali . Any way as a ruler he rules over his three subjects and makes it obvious to them that he IS the ruler, the protector , provider of all those junkyard foods, punished often by some questionable methods .But overall their kingdom is stable a staus quo is maintained at all time except some occasional protest from the youngest one who is 6.But moja has
clever way of subduing the unruly subjects by providing some " goodies" under the table. Moja is ambitious, intelligent , hates literature, extremely good orator and debater, and extremely favourite pupil in his school. Moja hates Sabji, exercise, to be pushed aside and ignored. Now he trying to get a place in some American universities for his further studies.

The second one is a GENIUS. He is called BHOJA. Yes , again the name was given by me just a kindof Rhyming with Moja. He is 9.He is amiable and does not believe in authoritarianism.He is a social craftsman , believes in the rule of thumb even the most complicated theories of physics .
He desires to be a software engineer but he has aptitudes in art , or for any innovative subject for that matter. Bhoja is gentle , but when pushed he sulks like his grand pa. Last month he was elected as the captain of his house in his school so he uses the authority very appetizingly. Like his brother he is disinterested in english literature and thinks that subject is for some namby pamby . The item In the computer appeals to him the most is " How to make GUNS" . He checks the procedures in you tube and then sets about making all kinds of Guns and pistols with card boards , and glues etc. Being really a thorough crafts men , the end product is always very satisfactory and matters of pride.
Bhoja is a pet for his mother.Any smallest reprimand from any of his teachers in his school always appear to be an act of injustice , so the ball ends up in the Principal's office which then is settled in by the principal himself who ticks off the " Guilty" teacher. No amount of our protest to the mother about spoiling the boy so, helps . We always try to trim her claws lest there is a blood shed. Bhoja is brilliant in his school work and naturally well loved by his peer group and teachers. He is an ideal brother for the younger ones .

Moja and Bhoja are the sons of my daughter.

To continue for the other two grand son soon. COMING SOON !!!!


  1. They are so adorable. Moja and Bhoja..hehe..nice names