Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Spectrum sunset
shepherds bush green,
green green
You on a bench exclaim

Hyde park corner
serpentine lake ,
Maverick birds
You clap....clap
Beautiful !!

Almost solitary hampstead park,
Willows drooping
You close ....closer still
a whisper
" I am happy....happy"

Rain drenched Southampton road
Kardomah with coffee
spoon goes round and round,
raincoat passion for theatre
brollies guard two furtive kisses.
Itsssss so beautiful.

Gold leaves on embankment
River Thames sing lullaby
inside the Tate
behind the lovers I find you,
a blissful hug
You say moaning
" Beautiful, Its so beautiful"

Motorway, eighty ninety..
poetical hair dance
with the wind,
Back to the bedsitter
wild with newly learnt passion
on the road,
You whisper in my ear,
Oh ...oh ..oh Beautiful !!!

One fresh alive DEWDROP
carried by many many dead men
On the way to
the cemetery
thousand trees thousand leaves,
weeping willows bow,
generous turbulent sky
flocks of birds sing the
Mozart Requiem.....

" Beautiful ...you are beautiful,
in your laughter
in your weeping
in your life
in your nonlife
in your passion
in your stillness
in your light
in your darkness
in the silence
You are beautiful
in fullness
in emptiness....You are beautiful.

@ amiyo


  1. This poem is indeed BEAUTIFUL! You lived it when you wrote and I relived it when I read...

  2. @apara...I am so happy, you liked it !!! So very happy.

  3. Living and reliving and living again in a spiral . The law of universe . Pity how we resist this very natural law.

  4. Hermoso blog amigo!!!! Gracias por invitarme, un abrazo!!!