Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am O K

....HI, How are you ?
.... I am ok..
swallowing , evacuating
Egg roll, fish fry ,Coco cola ,white mischief,
....Hmm ,you must be ok then
....That you can say.
receiving, evacuating ...cyclically..
urination, excretion....sleep and sleeplessness
Night , day , life death
Moving like a circle.
......Hmm Circle ? Whats inside then?
...... A grey emptiness. in emptiness with some meaningless
Shape of faces...Some social masturbation,
some dreamy intercourse,
living with impure divinity......
......then ????
.......Then what ?
.......Then how do we exist, with what?
......Come my darling,let us shatter our
immortality, and keep the pieces framed.
.......THEN ????
.......Then to stay ok let us go You and I
to the meaningless market place
and buy and sell our dreary dreams.

@ amiyo


  1. Hmmm. Makes one realize how necessary it is to live in the moment. Or not?

    You did catch Hinglish at its best though! Really liked it, though it reminds me somewhat of Nissim Ezekiel's 'Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S.'

  2. Ohhhh. How wonderful! Never thought my poem too can draw the attention of liittle intellectuals.
    But why am i not allowed to visit your cave even for a a cup of coffee Greeshma ?

  3. 8.30 am......Thanks Greeshma ! Found the door open this time.Marvellous.Left something for you.

  4. Little intellectuals eh? :D

    P.S. The cave for a cup of coffee sounds so perverted. But never mind me and my random thoughts! :D

  5. Ah well! In that case more fitting welcome HOOKKA ? with potent burning herbs freshly imported from Afganistan ?

    No I dont mind Random ness. More the merrier !
    But find me a suitable table to talk...Fb perhaps

  6. Oh yeah! I don't mind having hookah! But I do get high fast, so I better stick to fake flavors or something. :P

    And, I have deactivated my Facebook account for the time being. It had become quite boring.
    I am usually available on gtalk though. :)
    Ping me your id perhaps?

  7. @ Greeshma... With great pleasure.. The id is
    Incase you find it blocked you better give me yours.

  8. it struck a cord somewhere...