Wednesday, September 12, 2012

( This is a poem I  wrote and read during one of  Rabindranath's
Birthday celebration.Originally it  was written in Bangla)


Rabindranath, I have  written a poem
for you on your birthday,
a skeletal  naked poetry.
I am sorry
I couldnt write a gorgeously dressed  poem.
My poem is like a gangraped  vietnamese 
thirteen year old child, 
the casualty of a war.
Rabindranath, You didnt see that,
I did, she was my daughter.

When six yearold  girl was doused with petrol
and set fire
and her naked scream  made even the 
asphalts ashamed,I wept with her in my poem.
Rabindranath, You didnt see that,
I did

In a hospital bed  on a white bed sheet 
she  was lying,
Thre was not asingle spot on her body
where her mother could  put her embalming  lips.
Rabindranath, you didnot see
her burnt butterfly lips,
I did 
she too was my child ,
My poem is about that child and the 
Grieving mother.

In the land of Gita Upanishad
a girl child is  hurled  by men 
My poem is about the mother who
cried in helpless rage.
Rabindranath You didnt see that.
I did

How a single bomb destroy , and maim
the population of a nation generation 
after generations
I did see that My poetry is about those mothers
who gave birth to disfigured babies
after long expectancy.
Rabindranath You didnt see
You didnt hear their helpless howl.

 Rabindranath one Jaliwana bag made you angry
in protest you
refused to accept a Royal  honour,
we thank you.

In a crowded Harrison road junction
one mother was stripped naked
by her sons who danced around her 
in ecstatic laughter,
Rabindranath ,You didnt see that
I did ,
 She was my mother.

 Rabindranath, You cried so many times
in your life,
Rabindranath you made us cry
to heal ourselves,
You wrote beautiful poems
Poems of joy, of bliss of peace
You wrote poems of supreme consciousness
We Thank you 
We thank you for the great honour 
you brought to our nation

For all these
I present you today
a fleshless
On your birthday
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