Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Malinee's Love

by Amiya Chatterjee on Sunday, 6 March 2011 at 12:52 ·
( This morning I happened to remember Malinee. and a poem 
 I wrote about her . Some  phrases here  are untranslatable as 
the words are very culture biased. The poem is rather long and I shall not blame my readers 
to abandon it half way through .)

Malinee never loved me
malinee loved my friend Moloy.
five years ago malinee
married Moloy.
For five long years I gave  
my winter , my spring , and
 my summer.
I used to weave the veil of the moonlight
and  cover her face.
I then was the well preserved fossil
in a glass jar on my desk.
I was calm like the water from 
winter snow.

Last year Maline came back
to her father's house next door 
the end of the lane.
Vacant sky in her heart.
She came back like the 
unheard pure sound
to her house.
Malinee never loved me 
She Did love Moloy

 Malinee sat by my  indisposed mother 
and learnt to cook foods
She learnt how much salt or pepper
to add in my meals.
 My white Kurta ( Punjabi .beng)
got a fresher life at the touch of Malinee.
The bed sheet used to be tidy and fresh.

My mother went to her heavenly abode
few days later.
I being th next of kin 
 had to do the last rite.
One morning I started to cook my own food,
 ( Hobishyi ..Beng)
I felt a soft touch on my back.
I turned and saw Malinee
with the rainstorm hair and a most 
ordinary sari.
Like the winter sun rolling silently 
on the courtyard
 she whspered "  That is my job ,
You go and take rest.
When I finish I shall call you"

Malinee lost everything
But did she  love Moloy 
or  me ?

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