Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nibaron Chokkotti
has givenup writing poems these days,
He watches telly serial every evening
with his  wife and the maidservant.
When in every house in the neighourhood
Conchshells are blown by the housewives,
Nibaron Chokkotti watches
Serials of passionate love scenes,
Or loud quarrels
or fighting with whines .
AlokanandaTook that oily poetry copybook,
promising to publish his poems.
She did publish them But
Not in his name BUT HER OWN NAME.

The nextdoor grocer gave  Nibaron 
a paper bag for Two rupees worth Bayleaf.
Nibaron found her very passionate poem
On that paper,where Nibaron  
was begging for a Kiss
and where Alakananda smiled 
and said 

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