Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My pilgrimmage

Once upon a time there was a river. She was young ,playful and she was loving.When I saw her I fell in love with her .She sang for me in the moonlit night and I cried.I embraced her and she cooled my burning passion. She had a beautiful name: PHOLGU...a beautiful name indeed. Like every morning I went to her to take my dip in her heart.

Pholgu was dry.There was no water. A sad, excruciatingly painful sterility
throughout. some one eyed crow was painfully crying on one dry branch of a tree " we have been cursed ....we have been cursed for a little mistake we made". I went down the Ghat ,walked straight to the middle of my beloved , sat down and wept . Suddenly I heard a whisper " Dont cry, my darling dont cry. dig my heart with your bare hands and see what happens." Madly I started to dig and ,THERE...
there ...crystal clear cool water. I Drank, I splashed my beloved pholgu all over me .I cried I laughed.I danced.

Not far away from Pholgu in Gaya there was a tree.People call it Bodhi tree because Siddhartha meditated under that tree and was enlightened.
The enlightenment was about the way people could get away from unhappiness. I sat there in the same place under the tree and soon I was not doing anything. I was not even thinking about myself. Evening came.
Soon I discovered myself surrounded by the mediators ,eyes half closed , palms resting on the lap ,serene face. It was time for me to get back to my place of night halt. Iwent inside the temple.
It seemed Buddha understood my inner turmoil about Pholgu.
Buddha smiled. A smile which means " Impermanence of life and to be non attached '
I understood and my suffering for my cursed beloved who was dry on the surface but so soothing underneath,has gone.I am free from from my unhappiness
Free from the frustration of the ruggedness of gaya's roads, free from the so called poverty, free from the lack of convenience,free from the soliciting thai girls on the street corner .
Someday again I shall visit my Beloved and I believe that day I shall get my pholgu back as playfully young as she was in the ancient times.
I returned from my pilgrimage as a free man .


  1. khub bhalo if shob kichuyi jeno choker upor beshe uthche..apni nadir majhkhane boshee pagol premik er moton mati khure cholechen ebong tar porer paritripti..shob kichuyi.

  2. Tarporer paritriptee .... Thik bolechho.

  3. tomar descriPtion about Pholgu Pore aamar ak committed Premika mone holo je nijer sunyo, rikto bukeo sonchito kore rakhe tar Premiker jonno ardrota, bhalobasha

  4. very vivid! enthralled..thanks for taking us to the journey :)

  5. @ Flowerpower....asamanyo songbedonshil mon tomar .Dhanyobad Tomakey .Siggiri porichoy dao
    @ Rina
    Ypu know I like to take you to a journey ( a pilgrimage) Specially to our innerworld.

  6. @ The Flower power.
    Tumi nischoy i jano Pholgur arek nam ANTO: SALILA

  7. A smile which means " Impermanence of life and to be non attached '

    i smiled too reading it. I'd like to meet pholgu, look into her eyes and understand life.

  8. @ Eddies
    I am sure you will,I am sure .
    Buddha smiled,You understand " why"
    You become FREE