Friday, November 5, 2010


Oh yes
I love Diwali....
Love it with all passion.
I love the show,the display
and over and above I love the sound.
In our building complex
some rich men spend lakhs for the firecrackers.
I just love it
I envy them
For one night delight they do not hesitate to
kill little jasmines,little tender poppies in the
balcony gardens .
They do not hesitate to frighten the little domestic animals
they do not hesitate to damage the general health
of their old and infirm neighbours ,little babies.
Well ,They have money .Who is going to stop them
burning their money.
Who ?????? The law enforcement agency???
Having bribed they retire scratching their backside
with a bottle of best Phoren whisky.
They Government agencies would rather BAN books or art films
than banning Explosives or crackers harmful for the whole society.
I am apathetic. I am delighted at my apathy. I know I have nothing to do
I know I cannot do anything.
So I am happy.
I fucked the famous film actress last night
who said in a news channel" Bom potka na holay dewali bolay monei hoina" ( Without explosives and crackkers Dewali is Meaningless)
I am delighted and contented now!!!


  1. You have got a sensitive approach Amiya!
    I feel Festival of Light and light itself is more than any explosive or threatening sound, its the inner PEACE that counts.
    On these lines I would say Happy Diwali :)

  2. Oh How delightful to see that in this world full of some barbarians atleast one person exists who I can claim a friend indeed ! Thank you Namrah, thank you so much.