Monday, November 8, 2010

In a dark night

In a deep dark night
One lonely beggar
rambles and
mumbles saying
" please,Oh please
let me understand.
I am your son of light,
yet you spread the dark blanket
in front of me
and hide your own face behind.
Here I bang my head mournfully.

In a sunset darkness
you keep writing letters.
Teach me ,
oh teach me ,what they mean.
The flute of your soul
plays so many tunes
for so many days.....
and today is that day
you play your final song

( this is a song written originally in Bengali
By the famous poet Rabindranath Thakur ( tagore)
I consider myself a hopeless translator
but possibly to my hearts content I have recreated.)


  1. simply beautiful amiya..and indeed a translation with a heart...:)

  2. there is lonely sadness in these precious words!
    The incantation to lord Krishna has such amazing power!

    Oh! master of Gitanjali.I "bow" to thee!


  3. I am only a beggar in my heart
    always hearing his flute.
    I am that Finite listening to the call of infinity.
    Thank you Rina , Thank you sunita.