Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ami Part I

Ami   Part II am trying to translate couple of stanzas from a famous poem
composed by rabindra nath thakur .
This ,I know is avery daring adventure
because it is  simply impossible task. I am doing this
for a dear friend of mine.

" It is my  Chetana" for which                     * ( chetana.>Consciousness )
became red,  Panna became Green,
I laid my eyes on the sky,
Lights appeared in the
east, and in the west,
It is I who looked at the rose
and said " Beautiful "
It became Beautiful indeed.

You will say,
" but this is philosophy only ,
not a poets feelings"
I shall say " This is truth,
and so it is a Poetry ,
This is my Ego,
and this ego is on behalf of
all humanity.
On the  canvas of this humanity,
Viswakarma crafted the universe.    ( * Viswakarma..... The God of creativity.)

The philosopher breathes in and breathes out,
while on meditation,
repeats" No No  NO"
No Panna , No Chuni
No I, No You,
No light , No Rose
Nothing exists.
On the other side
The one who is Infinity
Is on meditation and
On the verge of Humanity,
Darkness unites with light,
The beauty appears, rhythm appears,
The " No " became " Yes "
In the midst of Ecstasy
In the midst of Tears.

To be continued

1 comment:

  1. To understand the universe
    you do need Ecstasy
    you need Tears

    Marvellous realisation Payal.