Monday, January 2, 2012

Some other time

Long...long time ago
we sat under the
Eucalyptus tranquility
and you showed me dreams.
In a rag Behag you said
" This dream I give you,"

I passed many Ashabori Rag
many sunset went by,
many a times I drowned in your
Pyramid mind and said ,
" where is your dreams you promised me?"
That smile you smiled
you said ," Its not just the time yet !"

some lazy afternoon...we
sat by the melancholic Erica Palm,
you raise the deep dense forest
before my eyes,
and you said ,
" The melodious passion in here
belongs to you.I shall give it to you"

The sky was overcast with rain cloud
then came mystic winter breath
Thirsty summer too,
I looked at your eyes
Pressed my lips on yours ,
search for the deep confluence
and ask ,
" where is your dream You promised me
My love"
You smile mysteriously and say
" its still not just the time my darling "

Behag and Ashabori are two very sensitive
" Rag " in Hindustani classical Music .


  1. song of a passionate heart..*sigh*!

  2. It is but better to allude to a dream than dream a dream.

    And what do you mean by "sensitive" ragas?

  3. I bow to you Payal.
    @ g g . That is an academic question which can be
    discussed some other time in a suitable place. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Such a well crafted metaphorical write.
    But i do not know the rag well. Can you paste a example of the rag each?

  5. Thank you Nibedita . Please find the Pieces of music mentioned in the poem above Listen to them Look at the " Forbidden " painting and now read the poem . See what happens when you close your eyes.

  6. ...its still not just the time.......

    a painting in words, lovely.


  7. @ Thank you P The DReam remains a DREAM