Friday, January 6, 2012



Minati lived next door,
a tender fifteen
innocent sapling.
Minati was my sisters friend.
They used to have
some conspirator's look
in their eyes .

I never knew the hidden perfume
in her heart.
I looked at her furtively,
she knew that
as the humming bird
knew the interior of a pond,
she covered her breast
with an indulgent smile
and a rebuke in her eyes.

My sister asked me to recite
a poem
and there was a silent gentle
look of expectation in Minati's eyes.
We sat on a straw mat on the floor.
I started to read
" Bela je porey elo jolkey chol "
The famous Rabindranath's " Bodhu"
Minati was looking
but not looking,
her eyes were wet
her hair sang silent prayers,
Oh that girl ! unhappy in love.

Her face lowered,
her hands indecisive,
her head gently rested on my sister's lap

The poem came to the end ,
dusk encroached
The girls left....

I heard then the sound of
hesitant footstep,
I saw the shadow in my room,
It was Minati alone
the silent , frightened white figure
a glow in my chest.
The fragrance of her lips,
language of closed eyes
the tremors in her thighs
stilled the darkness
just for a musical while.
Minati left the room,
leaving me a song
i will never speak,
In the distance
Fireflies blinked.

@ amiyo 6.1.12


  1. the tremors of adolescence...nice creation.

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