Friday, August 20, 2010


I burnt my hand,
and some night a liquid
oozes from my wound.
Very ancient vermilion juice like.

You joy fully stick a knife there
sometimes, hoping to see a rainbow,
then fix your gaze on mine and say
" Tell me what are you going to do with me,
Say it .....say ....Say it"

The socket of my eyes are
a little bit more Royal blue,
my left hand trembles more,
My feet unaware of the earth,
The burning bed
grasps the insomniac man
and runs to that mountain
in search of two empty coffee cup
in vain.


  1. tell me where does it end amiya ji? the search and then being lost, the pain and then the void, the dire need to belong only to find solace in solitude...

    write me something beautiful dada? tell me how you cheated life off its cruel tricks and found colors in the sand..tell me how you painted those butterflies before sending them off to the valley to play and fly...

    i know you have seen more than have touched its essence and have slept with its mistress we call dreams..tell me about it?

  2. Have been trying to find you!

    You gave a website address on my blog.. finally.. anyhow..

    beautifully put...because i can feel the pain!

  3. @Rina,
    Thanks for receiving
    my painted butterflies,
    the only consequence of the
    intercourse with my distressed mistress
    on the face of the moon over the blue

    @D Gypsy
    I too am trying to find you
    and miraculously we cant find
    eachh other.
    I know , YOU WILL FEEL THE PAIN and that
    makes my wound ooze more like the rainbow.

  4. I read and then reread every time thinking that I will able to write a comment this time...everytime I am proved a failure and words get lost.
    may be next time amiya da.

  5. heart touching...
    I loved these lines- "in search of two empty coffee cup in vain"

  6. @ to touch...
    Tumi esechhiley ,
    tumi ektukhani bosechhilay
    neerob hoyechhilay... eito tomar
    montobyo. Ar ki chai?
    @ Apara
    Atlast i honoured that I can touch
    a heart made of steel. Yes Everything goes,
    but two empty cup remains as the witness.