Tuesday, August 3, 2010



A grave digger's hand
rough ....very rough,underneath
the grave
there lies the vermilion soul
of a mistaken poet.
on a glamorous afternoon
the poet held her hand,
the hand was rough, very rough,
but upon the touch
she reached very slowly an ecstatic
unknowable destiny.
She whirled in a fiery flare around
the bleeding heart,
her rose petalled lips parted glistening
eyes closed ,
and she danced and danced
like the distant stars
with geometric predictability.
Now she held his hand
as " Jahanara did,
there ,here , and eternally.
She whispered the song of this
intoxicating earth and the river,
She sighed
" Dont think so much my darling,
Whatever will happen ,will happen"
I shall be with you in the grave
That I shall dig for you.


  1. i have read her story somewhere, this write doesnt make it less interesting tho, on the contrary in fact! :)

    is she, by any chance, the girl on the painting? :P

  2. Oh Rina !The girl in the painting stands for all the girls that i came to know INTIMATELY and I distinctively remember( I tell you whisperingly)the girl beyond the pacific is also in that painting and in that poetry.