Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Third person

Some wild hyacinth there is
where fire rains,
some limitless pond there is
where only your shadow swims,
some journey there is
where we never see the end,
some bed there is
where the third person
is undefinable,
some word there is
which echoes silently,
some storm there is
which turmoils the mind,
some love there is
which makes you beggar
drops of blood in his bowl.


  1. ashadharon kobita...every word touches the soul.
    'some word there is
    which echoes silently'...lovely rings in the ears...the words echo.
    last line
    ' some love there is
    which makes you beggar
    drops of blood in his bowl.'
    I always criticize you...but when I truly like one..i say it.

  2. Hmmmmmm.
    Bhalobashley manush shunyo hoye jai
    E kotha tomar moton koray ke ar bujhechhy

  3. gripping...each line does tighter than the one before it..till the void itself is lost, and pain empties itself..with a drop of blood that silently shimmers of tears once cried, of breath once lived..yet the search goes on, the journey lives, and there will be more fires to be met, if only for that one time when the shadow will have a face, and a soul that one can hold close to his own..and be one, if only for that one fleeting moment...

  4. I thought you would never come ! I waited and wited and lost all hope.
    Dont do this......Dont ever do this.
    Tears once cried,ONCE
    Breath once lived, ONCE
    You Know rina,My poems become so vibrant when you touch them.
    Thank you !

  5. @ Apara
    That certainly is a great gift from you
    which was cherished for a long time.
    A gift at last ! Sigh !!!!!

  6. lovely words to say just feeling it..........