Thursday, July 19, 2018

Closer still

Closer still .....( For you )

If you ever came close to me
if you ever surrendered and say
" here I am , hold me "
what would I do
in that  grey still afternoon ,
Shall I cry and say
so late, so.....very late ! Or shall I say
Go away
or even say ,
Love is not nearness
love is not distance either
Love is just the Middle way,
or possibly Hold your face
in my palm
Discover me in your eyes
and blissfully come to know
you are me
and I am you.



  1. Here I am on the
    rain- drenched street
    holding your soft left
    hand in my right !
    We walk silently
    side by side,
    With so many unspoken
    thought in my mind !
    As each thought comes
    to me as a rave,
    How you feel that pulse
    just like a wave!
    As we walk we share
    our joy and pain,
    We walk hand in hand
    amidst the fragrant rain!

    @Ajanta Bandyopadhyay