Monday, July 26, 2010


When we embraced
day after day
night after night
we thought
our love will last .
We thought
our kisses would
sanctify our soul.

Then life was responsibility
Life was duty
life was apathetic bed sheet...

The embrace appeared shameful
kisses appeared venomous,
Love staggered away.


  1. in the words of the cynic - it happens...

    i can taste the spite, tangy, strong and very sharp it almost wounds...

    but life can never be painted in black and white, right amiya ji? starts and ends overlap, the meaning caught in between, trapped where only silence makes sense..

    you out do yourself each adulation raised a notch higher, my love for your words has grown more intense..

  2. Hi, Little Girl,I am sure you know now what love means and I really commend you for not being a cynic .I whisper in your ears ( even you are far away, precisely Bangkok)....Teach me " What Love and life is.

  3. I don't even know when love slowly slipped away from my bed... yet kisses are there...embrace is there...all very meaning less.
    a profound write.

  4. i have taken a lesson of love and life from someone i used to call my had not been an easy lesson, and he was far from being kind. but i learned. and now im stronger. and he and the lesson will forever live in my heart. i'll share with you sometime :)