Thursday, May 20, 2010

And You

Impersonal Windscreen,
Applauding raindrops
and inside...
In my hand
The tender pigeon shudders.

And you I burnt and burnt
with intoxicating smell of caustic grapes,
I too with you burnt
our bed roared in delight,
I loved you so much
with Bach at the far end of night.

Truth sang for the whole night
with lies whimpering ,
The lonely star's rejection
made me roll inside.

Inside the dusky blue vase
molested dreams and
absurd tears
stay awake all night,


  1. there is not a single word to describe the emotions derived from this...intense passion, timeless longing, despair..then an escape into one's own to find hope, an eternal struggle where dreams are bound...

    is "you" what you dream, or "you" the dream herself?

  2. My daughter says the comment is more sensitive than the poetry and I agree with her,

  3. the attraction of a forbidden fruit is too great than the biggest desire in life!

  4. To be loved, and to have Bach all at once...did I write this or did you steal my words from me? This one in particular speaks to me