Monday, January 25, 2010

A day oting to The dental surgery

After two nights of excruciating pain i finally plucked up the COURAGE to be a martyr on the dentist chair. Not Bad . Reclining on the chair ,light focussed in my inside the dentist , a severe looking fellow, growled , " All of them are infected. So all of them have to come out" I croaked ,NOW ???? " YES . He thundered ! I plucked up all my remnants of courage and said , IMPOSSIBLE, You cant do such heinious job with just a snap of a finger.All of them ???? You Fascist!!! You you ..... I lost my oratory power. we bargained at last for four. For an enormous sumof 5000 rupees , He set on his charitable task to EXTRACT. The huge syringe with some greenish liquid passed into my gum and I waited in an antiroom until the final call came. Knees tottering, hands shaking , with blurred vision I gropped on the altar of CRUCIFIXON , The reclining chair, cold hard , head pushed back." Lights , action Silence !! " He growled again . He advanced with his dangerous looking tool towards me. Stooped and held tightly one of my ancestral tooth , with all his might and PULLED. Out came the first one !! Owao. No pain at all. I was in tears with joy .
Oh what a graceful murderer ! Then he came for the second one , Nothing much happened except the metalic sound of the extracted tooth dropping on the metal tray beside. I advanced agai with all his venom. Eyes glaring with infinite joy. Held tightly the third one . Pulled. Heev Ho, heev Ho nothing happened. he tooth wouldnt budge. sweat on the forehead of the mighty hangman. Another more dangerous looking pincer . Another TUG OF WAR. The tooth wouldnt budge.I looked at him blank resignation while he struggled with the obstinate, stubborn piece of me.Pain? Not really. I am thankful to him for that piece of job .Nearly ten minutes or thereabout passed , The sweating , frustrated , almost in tears being vanquished the dentist finally managed and smile in great satisfaction.
Fourth one? No we settle for a reprieve . He handed me the DO s and DONTs and gave me a list of chemicals to create a lifetime toxicity in my system. I groped out from the chamber shakinng hands with him and thanking him for the marvellous job he did for me.
Next appointmet? Ah well ! We shall see.


  1. ahhhh.. finally.. you got rid of four of your "not so friendly" painfull teeth..hmm.. good...
    great job by the doctor and his martyr on the dentist chair. :)
    and dada.. you better be there for the next appointment..